The Five Lesbian Brothers' four plays, The Secretaries, Brides of the Moon, Brave Smiles..., and Voyage to Lesbos, are available for production. A touring production of Brave Smiles... performed by the Brothers is also available for booking. For information on obtaining rights to produce these plays or for Brothers' booking:

Kenneth Dingledine at Samuel French
212-206-8990 ext 147

Brides of the Moon


The Secretaries

In The Secretaries the Five Lesbian Brother's plummet into the slimy underbelly of office work and female bonding. The action centers around a murderous cult of Slim-Fast drinking, high-heel wearing, big-haired secretaries working in the front office of the Cooney Lumber Mill in Big Bone, Oregon.

Only the best secretaries are hired by the Cooney Mill. There is a weight requirement, a dress code, and all the secretaries can speak and type in several languages. The secretaries take great pride in their work and appearance. They eat only Slim-Fast products which they consider better than food, since it was invented by a doctor. They are members of an advocacy group called the Big Bone Organization for Women. Oh, and once a month they go out and kill a lumberjack.

The play examines the ways in which women act as the enforcers of sexism -- turning sexist repression inward by engaging in self-destructive behavior that passes for "self-improvement" and, second, it explores the converse notion that women who band together are, by definition, "man-haters." The Brothers explore the "truth" and "myth" of each view with their characteristic irreverent humor.

BRAVE SMILES... another lesbian tragedy

In this play, The Five Lesbian Brothers' second collaboration, the Brothers continue their unflinching and wildly humorous exploration of homophobia and how it twists the lesbian psyche.

Brave Smiles is a play in two acts that explores the image of the lesbian in the worlds of literature, theater and cinema and specifically, the seemingly irrevocable truth that to be a lesbian is to face a tragic end. The play simultaneously parodies and embraces such archetypal sources as The Well of Loneliness, Maedchen in Uniform, The Group, and Last Summer at Bluefish Cove.

Brave Smiles follows the lives of five orphan girls from their Dickensian beginnings at the Tilue Pussenheimer Academy through their adulthood, spanning at least a century and several continents, to their varied yet universally tragic ends.

Voyage to Lesbos

In this black comedy (the Brothers' first collaboration) the Brothers begin their unflinching and wildly humorous exploration of the warping effects of internalized homophobia and phallo-centrism on the lesbian psyche. The action takes place in Lesbos, Illinois in a vaguely defined pre-Stonewall, post-Freudian period of American culture. The occasion is Bonnie's wedding day. Five inextricably intertwined women ostensibly prepare for the golden event, while their every action serves to sabotage it. Highlights include several rousing musical numbers and a jerk-off session between the cousins, Bonnie and Connie, involving banal heterosexual fantasy and a vacuum cleaner. Ever treading on thin ice, in this play we laugh so that we do not cry.

"What makes Brave Smiles truly memorable is that the Five Lesbian Brothers do more than skewer an overripe target... The company does the deep with polished performances, crackerjack timing and minimum of production fuss."
- Nancy Churnin, Los Angeles Times

"They carry it all off with a good-natured suaveness that showcases their polish and generosity of spirit."
- Peter Marks, The New York Times

"Exaggeration rarely had it so good"
- Clive Barnes, New York Post

"Brave Smiles is an absurdly entertaining, must-see evening from a bunch of gals who really know how to tickle the funny bone."
- Ricky Spears, In Theater